Real estate for sale – Build on a Lot

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Real estate for sale – Build on a Lot

New Homes in North County San Diego – Building Your Fantasy Home on Your Own Field of Dreams

Today, many people looking for a new home with a larger lot wind up searching out their own “field of dreams,” sometimes long before they build their fantasy home upon it. Building a custom home in North County San Diego on your own lot has its advantages. For one, you have the freedom to build the home you want, where you want, on the land you want, with neighbors who can’t hear your conversations. You can choose from a wide selection of floor plans and create a signature home that matches your wants, needs and desires.

Four Crucial Things to Look for in a Builder

Paradyne Homes is a quality builder with much experience in North County San Diego, to consult on real estate for sale or hire, and we believe there are four basic requirements we as a builder should fulfill.

  • We are a responsible builder who is financially secure. We have a strong track record, and a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Check our testimonies page.
  • Paradyne Homes is a builder who will offer a variety of floor plans and can adapt the floor plan to the topography to your lot.
  • We are a builder who has enough vendor relationships to ensure you receive the best prices for high quality goods. These savings are passed on to you, the consumer, including purchase price of appliances, light fixtures, and flooring. We offer you the ability to choose and coordinate your cabinetry and other options.
  • We will always be there to service the home after completion. We offer one of the best warranty programs, including ten year warranty’s on certain aspects of the structural integrity of the home.

Breaking Ground Without Breaking the Bank

SecludedResidence3To the untrained eye, a lot may appear buildable but prove not to be. More than one land lover in the hills of Fallbrook, Bonsal or Temecula has learned the hard way that ignorance can be very expensive, but knowledge is power. If you are currently in the market for a lot, consider consulting Paradyne Homes and invite us to become a part of the process. Paradyne Homes can help you avoid traps and save you time and money, even on the purchase price of the property. We have a lot of experience in North San Diego County and can help you save a lot of aggrevation.

“A good builder knows what affects the value of your lot,” says Clay Shultz, president of Paradyne Homes. We’ve been in business of building home for 25 years……any awards in the past Clay

“The biggest surprise a lot owner gets after they purchase a lot is how much additional site work may be required to make the lot buildable. Not every part of the lot may be buildable either.” Clay Shultz, president of Paradyne Homes has been picking lots out for customers for over 20 years. Clay will work with you personally to make sure the beginning is as good as the completion.

For example, the foundation may require piers or pads. Or drainage issues may require extensive excavation work, which can run into thousands of dollars. And there are other considerations as well, including a complete understanding of the easements, local zoning laws, property line restrictions, flood areas, and architecture guidelines and review processes.

Although the land may be ideally situated for the future homeowner and has everything they ever dreamed of, being able to custom build your home can also be a daunting task. Visiting spec homes can be helpful, as well as viewing virtual three-dimensional models via computer.

Next, be mindful that the rule of real estate has not changed. It is wise not to choose a home plan that will “stand out” in the neighborhood as the biggest and the best. If you “overbuild” for the neighborhood, it will decrease the value of the house. You don’t want to be the most expensive house on the block.

Elements of Style and Time

Building on your own lot allows you the freedom to choose the floor plan you want, but be aware that customization takes time. When you build on your own lot, as opposed to building within a new neighborhood, homes typically take longer to build due to simple logistics.

“Be realistic with your time expectations. While a home can be built in 90-100 days, a custom built home on one’s own lot can reasonably take six to nine months,” notes Moore. Depending upon the weather, the size and complexity of the home, as well as the unpredictable nature of building on scattered sites, often it is impossible to commit to a completion date until well into the construction project.

Paradyne Homes reminds you, it is not unusual for a buyer to fall in love with a floor plan in a luxury area of a community, but also want something a little different. “In a development, a builder may not be able to accommodate semi-customizing floor plans due to restrictions of the community, but they would be able to do so on an already owned lot,” says Shultz. Paradyne Homes has over two dozen floor plans which lot owners can choose to modify. “We are seeing more and more of this type of buyer, especially for the mature North San Diego County market that wants the next level of luxury.”

Not only in San Diego North COunty, but also around the nation, the trend is toward a home with abundant personality — walled courtyard entries, turrets and a variety of roof pitches. Builders like Paradyne Homes will accommodate changing walls around, although some will have limitations. The only limitation really is the size of the home site.

Semi-Custom Homes Strengthening Trend

Living where you want, on the plot of land that you may have fantasized about for years, has become an essential part of the American dream. In a culture that values individuality and self-expression, more people are opting to buy their land first, and then build a semi-custom home. By hiring Paradyne Homes with a “Build on your lot” program, homebuyers can save money as well as the hassle of hiring their own architect and general contractor. Paradyne Homes will do all the work-the plans, permits, coordination, construction, and in some cases, even the financing.
By carefully coordinating plans, options, home site and location, you can design a one-of-a-kind home that will likely appraise for significantly more than its actual cost.


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